Meet the Otters


Karma was found alone in woodland near to Plockton in the North West Highlands of Scotland by Paul & Grace Yoxon of IOSF.

Otto was found alone and stranded on the banks of the fast flowing River Crask near Inverness.

Harrie was discovered in a garden by the River Irt in Cumbria.  She needed help and was taken to the West Lakeland Vets, Egremont.
Vietnam Otters

15 baby Asian small-clawed otters have been rescued from the pet trade and are now being cared for by Save Vietnam’sWildlife (SVW).

African Otters
Your adoption will help the Kikongo Otter Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo care for otters and also support conservation work in Africa.

Thank you.
Philippines Otters

These young Asian small-clawed otters were found after their mother was killed.

They are now in the care of Diana Linjoco and this adoption will help raise funds for their care.

Furget-Me-NotSupporting IOSF's Furget-Me-Not Campaign against the illegal trade in otters.