Ideas for Christmas

Discover otterly wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts.
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IOSF Christmas Otter Adoption Gift BoxSurprise someone this Christmas with an Otter Adoption Gift Box.

Meet the Otters here

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2018 IOSF Christmas Card

A family of North American River otters huddling in the snow make this wonderful image for our Christmas card this year.  The image is by wildlife photographer and film maker Charlie Hamilton James.

Make your cards count this Christmas and help otters.
Support otters when you purchase IOSF Christmas cards. 
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Make a Christmas Gift Donation

Make a Gift Donation for someone this Christmas and help otters.
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Otter in Snow Christmas Tree Decoration from Perkins & Morley

Otter in snow Christmas decoration.  Ideal to hang on your Christmas tree or about the house.
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IOSF 2019 "Otters... Endangered" Calendar

A wonderful collection of otter photographs, one of each species (including the cover image), highlighting the importance of otter conservation and containing species' facts.

The images are from people involved in otter conservation work, to those with a passionate interest in their local wildlife.

A delight for any otter lover.