Otters of the World (Paul & Grace Yoxon) - Signed

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Otters of the World (Paul & Grace Yoxon) - Signed

Otters of the World
by IOSF's Paul & Grace Yoxon
  • The first book to describe all 13 species of otter and illlustrated with full colour photographs of them all
  • Shows the beauty, ecology and fascination of otters in the world but also their plight in many countries
  • Demonstrates the importance of the otter in conservation
  • Provides information on identification, ecology and threats faced in the wild
  • 176 pages full of enthralling information, colour photos and distribution maps
The definitive book for all otter lovers which will also raise funds for, and awareness of, the International Otter Survival Fund and its vital work.

Each copy bought at the Otter Shop will be signed by Paul and Grace.