Meet the Otters

Beatha (Life)

Beatha, a female Eurasian otter cub was found at Altbea, in the North West Highlands of Scotland, before being brought to the IOSFcentre, Isle of Skye.
Uisge (Water)

Uisge was found on the Ardnamurchan Penninsula in the Scottish Highlands before being transported to the IOSF on Skye. 

Noelle was found in the evening on a roadside in Cambridgeshire just before Christmas, initially thought to be an old mail sack.  The cyclist who found her took her home and contacted a local wildlife rescue centre.

Sofi was heard calling through the night not far from IOSF.  She was discovered alone under a hedge and taken to the IOSF otter rehabilitation centre. 
African Otters
Your adoption will help the Kikongo Otter Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo care for otters and also support conservation work in Africa.

Thank you.
Philippines Otters

These young Asian small-clawed otters were found after their mother was killed.

They are now in the care of Diana Linjoco and this adoption will help raise funds for their care and release.

Furget-Me-NotSupporting IOSF's Furget-Me-Not Campaign against the illegal trade in otters.