Badges, Models Magnets Stickers and Stamps

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The Original Shrinkles - OtterNew...  this Otter Shrinkles craft kit will give lots of fun and enjoyment to otter loving youngsters.  Perfect for the holidays!
£ 2.70(3.01 €)
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NEW IOSF Pin Badge

Wear your IOSF badge to show you care and help raise awareness.
£ 4.50(5.02 €)
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Cornish, hand finished pewter Otter Collectable

Traditionally cast and hand finished piece, designed and crafted in Cornwall.

£ 1.00(1.12 €)
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IOSF Magnet

A great otter design for our IOSF magnet.
£ 3.50(3.91 €)
Wooden Otter Pin BadgeHandmade on the Isle of Skye, charming wooden, otter pin badge.
£ 3.25(3.63 €)
Slate Key FobsA keyring with a difference.
£ 1.00(1.12 €)
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**NEW** IOSF 'I Love Otters Badge'IOSF 'I Love Otters Badge' - show you care
£ 2.00(2.23 €)
Pabay StampsPabay Stamps
£ 3.95(4.41 €)
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Otter MagnetOtter Magnet - UK designed and made.
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IOSF Window StickerIOSF Window Sticker - show your support