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Otters of the World (Paul & Grace Yoxon) - Signed
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Otters in Shetland - The tale of the "draatsi" (Richard Shucksmith & Brydon Thomason)This lovely book, written by Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason gives an excellent insight into the Eurasian otter in Shetland.
Contains a wonderful collection of images by these two talented wildlife photographers.
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Echoes of Camusfearna and Tarka the Otter [DVDs]

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Otter (Daniel Allen)


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Otter Country (Miriam Darlington)Celebrating our relationship with otters.
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Otters in Britain (IOSF)


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Echoes of Camusfearna DVDA DVD to compliment the Echoes of Camusfearna book and tells more of the work of IOSF.


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Otters (Paul Chanin)This book by Paul Chanin, features beautiful and accurate line drawings and cartoons by renowned wildlife artist Guy Troughton, with a 16 page gallery of stunning colour photographs by Laurie Campbell.


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The Otter (Gordon Woodroffe)

 From the Mammal Society about the Eurasian otter.

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Tarka the Otter (Henry Williamson)
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On the Swirl of the Tide (Bridget MacCaskill)


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Tarka the Otter DVD (Special Edition)Based on the popular Henry Williamson novel "Tarka the Otter", this film is made as through the eyes of an otter.